Teambuilding in AMSTERDAM

On Thursday the 15th of September our teambuilding weekend started. We had a pizza together at the office and left to Amsterdam.

Why accounting is a key part of every business?

Over the past few years, I have started to notice that companies increasingly view accounting as one of the less important business activities. Accounting is often seen as a tiresome but mandatory part of the business operation by many companies, however, historically, it has never been paid the attention it deserves.

The Agile approach cannot exist without psychological safety

Agile, an iterative approach to project management and software development, has been at the centre of businesses’ existence for several years. Over time, organisazations have seen this as the next step to long-term success by focussing on small but consumable growth.

Putting the ‘A’ back in FP&A

While financial organisations today devote 10% more resources to financial planning and analysis than 10 years ago, the process has not evolved and has remained relatively static in comparison with the transformation of the industry itself. To improve the way this process is done, the analysis part of it must once again be at the centre of FP&A.