Building an efficient business model canvas

There are two determining factors in sizing up business models, according to Joan Magretta, award-winning contributor to and former strategic editor of the Harvard Business Review.
“When business models don’t work, it’s because the story doesn’t make sense and/or the numbers just don’t add up to profits,” she once stated.

A business model can therefore be defined as a company’s plan and strategy to make a profit. It also helps make clear what products or services the enterprise wants to sell to make a profit as well as making social contributions. Effective business models also help the company to identify the target market, define customer segments, and forecast costs and benefits.

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Electric car
Electric cars: TCO vs Leasing price

By 2026 only electric company cars are tax deductible. This should result in an increase of sales of electrical cars and pursuant in a more ecological car parc. To make a valid comparison between the actual cost of a fuel car and an electric car, it’s important to look at the total cost of ownership instead of the catalogue value.