Pink Bay - Finance & Technology partner - certified accountants - software & process solutions - outsourcing or HR Advisory.


If you discover that your organisation has no longer the capacity and ability to manage and keep up with the increasing workload with your internal business processes, you can use our outsourcing services to help on that matter. From payroll to finance to pure administrative work… we help you focus on your business. 

Admin Outsourcing: Outsourcing administrative services is just a way to eliminate monotonous tasks. We provide qualified guidance so you can focus your time and energy into your business. In addition, we can see how to automate particular activities.

Finance Outsourcing: If you are in need for a financial professional to assist you several days per month, you can count on our team to get the qualified support you are looking for.

Process Engineer: Through business process modelling we create a series of steps and action to be taken which would identify the actors involved and how they interact with each other. This will provide a clear picture of your entire business.

BI Outsourcing: If you already have the BI tools but would someone to help you get the numbers right, we can provide you with the right consultant.

HR Compliance: We will help you understand the current state of HR at your company and provide recommendations on areas that can be improved. From recruitment to retirement, there are various HR compliance issues, Pink Bay will decrease your risk by ensuring that your business is compliant with HR protocols.

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