Pink Bay - Finance & Technology partner - certified accountants - software & process solutions - outsourcing or HR Advisory.
Pink Bay - Finance & Technology partner - certified accountants - software & process solutions - outsourcing or HR Advisory.



Pink Bay helps your organization to invest in the right tools and implement them. Our process solutions consist of 2 logical steps: We analyze the current situation and consequently redesign for the better with a particular focus on automation. 


The world is changing rapidly as well as your competitors, your customer expectations and your employee’s requirement. That is why it is important to adapt & innovate to change towards a future proof organization.

We guide you through these changes by analyzing your current situation:


  • Tools to be used: The change that is required does not only involve people and culture, but also process and systems. We will guide you through the various tools that are currently on the market and help you select.
  • People & the fit with their current or new role: Change readiness reports will be drafted based upon interviews with staff to identify key improvement area’s and change bandwidth.
  • Input / output analysis: Report on Input & Output of data flows and the indication of the people and business lines involved.


Finally, we will guide you through a step-by-step plan to resolve the identified issues. 

In collaboration with the strategy of the top management, the processes are redesigned so that the business focuses on what is important. In addition to the redesign, we also foresee training for people that might need to take up a different role or function. 


Automate or Die


As your business changes, so do the methods of automation. Pink Bay will guide you through the journey of Robotic process and intelligent automation. The latter tools can help businesses improve the effectiveness of services faster and with an increase in productivity.
  • Automated accounting: Using an integrated accounting system will give you full control on all your departments and processes of account payable and receivable. So this will no longer be a burden for your business.


  • One-click Invoicing: Using automation software to extract invoice data, populate the information in an accounts payable system, and process invoice data for accounts payable will lead to a perfectly automated invoice process.


  • Automated reporting: From your accounting tool to your job duties. With the use of Power BI, you can pull the data and generate reports to provide organizational standards. Less hectic, more efficient:  data presented in the same format and style each time.


  • Data flows: Extract the maximum value from your technology and data when you synchronize your reporting tool with Azure and Office, Microsoft technology you already trust.


  • Approval flows: Automated invoice validation and one-click workflow approval. All your purchase/ sales invoices are digited into a unique data format and unified into a single data format. Afterwards, they are automatically validated according to your internal policy.


  • Apps: At Pink Bay we can write an app tailored to your needs.


  • Azure Functions: A serverless solution we use to write code with less infrastructure & maintenance. Instead of worrying about deploying and maintaining servers, the cloud infrastructure provides all the up-to-date resources needed to keep your applications running.

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