Looking for an accountant, tax expert, legal advisor, transfer pricing analyst,… who can advise you on a regular basis?

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What we provide…

  • Accounting services
    • In-house
    • Automated
    • At your organisation
    • Digitize your accounting process
      • approval flows
      • payments
      • payroll agency
  • Subsidies
  • Payroll
  • Tax declarations & Advice
    • Corporate tax
    • Personal income tax
    • VAT
    • Withholding taxes
    • Inheritance tax
    • Transfer Pricing
    • Global mobility
    • Registration fees
  • Reporting services
    • Dashboard
    • Monthly report
    • Annual accounts
    • KPI’s

What makes us different:

  • We focus on building a community with our clients and our environment
  • 20% of our staff time is dedicated to training, providing you with the best skilled advisors
  • Every week we monitor changes in tax, subsidies, accounting,… and provide you with tailored updates (no generic newsletters for you, but only an interesting read…)

Our Accounting & Tax products

Yuki AccountingWe work with Yuki to provide you with a fast and powerfull accounting software. Ideal for smaller organisations.
Business CentralWe work with Business Central to provide you with all the requirements any SME requires. We integrate it with any other software or build in new requirements in the Microsoft environment
Accounting & tax formalitiesWe draft the required closing entries, provide you with tax guidance, file tax returns, set up your annual accounts, set up your legal reports, …. to ensure a smooth and interesting financial year from a tax & accounting perspective.
OutsourcingIf you are in need for a financial professional to assist you several days per month, you can count on our team to get the qualified support you are looking for.
We focus on showing what is important…
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