Map your Change

Adapt & Innovate

The world is changing rapidly as well as your competitions, your customer expectations, your employees requirements…

We help your organisation to invest in the right tools, implement them and/or use our own tools for specific assignments…


•ERP / Business
Mircosoft Dynamics – Business central, Yuki, Teams, ReadCube, Teamleader,..

Power BI, Tableau

Process mining, Data Mining (Disco, Alteryx, Knime)

Align & Transform

As your business changes, so do your processes change.

New reports are required, powers are delegated, more follow-up,…

These new items are in general build as “ADD-ON”: a new task is added, a new person is added, a new output is added…


We help you review this wild growth of tasks and provide an integrated transformation.

Some Examples

  • In-Out process review
  • Process & Enterprise Maturity review
  • Optimisation of Cash management
  • Optimisation of internal audit

Team up

The result of the organisation is the result of a team.

We provide an integrated transformation:

  • Top down to translate the vision of the management
  • Bottom-up to increase efficiency & effectiveness
  • Throughout the different divisions of the organisation integrate

Some Examples

  • Guided brainstorming on future proof structure and milestones
  • Interviews with staff to identify key improvement area’s and change bandwidth
  • Prioritise process improvements

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