We help you use the right technology in line with your long term strategy. Our focus is on giving control back to your organisation and setting up a flexible & agile environment…


The world is changing rapidly as well as your competitions, your customer expectations, your employees requirements… We help you to adapt and innovate, align & transform your business and processes and provided an integrated transformation.


Today companies are mostly “data rich and information poor”. We help you find the best approach to be a (more) data-driven company. We identify the roadmap, the data opportunities and provide you with the tools to be more competitive.

Our products per focus area

Pink Bay D365Technology
A customized Microsoft ERP system fit to your sector, designed for SME’s from 5 to 250 employees, including financial management, Human resources, CRM, supply chain,…
Process AutomationTechnology
We review your current processes, adjust and align them to your business and help you fight administration by briging automation to the work floor.
We create dashboard which helps you get an helicopter view but are also able to zoom in to the finest details of your organisation.
Process redesignChange
Going from the incoming information to the outgoing reports, taking into account your processes, systems and culture, we redesign processes to align them with your business.
Change ReadinessChange
Througout interviews with staff and management, we identify the focus areas for you to ensure a good transformation
Data TranslatorAnalytics
Not sure where to start to become data-driven? We help you define the roadmap and build you a data-engine that helps your business solving questions without having costly investments
Data miningAnalytics
Based upon your data we find the needle in the haystack. We use our tools for dataming, process mining, … and provide you with enriching insights
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