What do we do?


In addition to regular accounting & tax services , we upgrade your organisation. We go from process analysis, to dashboarding, to ERP implementation (Microsoft Dynamics), to the software you require…

Let your organisation become future-proof

– We TEACH your organisation to use this technology
– We LINK your systems, reports & analytics
– We IMPLEMENT the solution you require

Our products

Pink Bay D365TechnologyA customized Microsoft ERP system fit to your sector, designed for SME’s from 5 to 250 employees, including financial management, Human resources, CRM, supply chain,…
Process AutomationTechnologyWe review your current processes, adjust and align them to your business and help you fight administration by briging automation to the work floor.
ReportingTechnologyWe create dashboard which helps you get an helicopter view but are also able to zoom in to the finest details of your organisation.
Process redesignChangeGoing from the incoming information to the outgoing reports, taking into account your processes, systems and culture, we redesign processes to align them with your business.
Change ReadinessChangeThrougout interviews with staff and management, we identify the focus areas for you to ensure a good transformation
Yuki AccountingAccountingWe work with Yuki to provide you with a fast and powerfull accounting software. Ideal for smaller organisations.
Business CentralAccountingWe work with Business Central to provide you with all the requirements any SME requires. We integrate it with any other software or build in new requirements in the Microsoft environment
Accounting & tax formalitiesAccountingWe draft the required closing entries, provide you with tax guidance, file tax returns, set up your annual accounts, set up your legal reports, …. to ensure a smooth and interesting financial year from a tax & accounting perspective.
OutsourcingAccountingIf you are in need for a financial professional to assist you several days per month, you can count on our team to get the qualified support you are looking for.
Data TranslatorAnalyticsNot sure where to start to become data-driven? We help you define the roadmap and build you a data-engine that helps your business solving questions without having costly investments
Data miningAnalyticsBased upon your data we find the needle in the haystack. We use our tools for dataming, process mining, … and provide you with enriching insights

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